Birthday Lilies (6)

The magic of the lily is that it’s petals curve out in such an elegant arc that it radiates openness, warmth, and generosity. In that way, sending birthday lilies is like sending a clear glass vase full of open, welcoming arms. When incorporated into fresh flower arrangements, birthday lilies elevate the meaning and power of the other flowers, creating an arrangement that clearly expresses your desire for a wonderful and fun birthday. Sending a lily for birthday gifts is the floral equivalent of sending a loving hug. [Read More]

The Pure Inspiration bouquet is an absolutely perfect birthday present. This stunning arrangement will add luminous brilliance to a birthday table, a birthday desk, or anywhere else it is placed. The clear glass vase sets the elegant tone, but it is the combination of Asiatic lilies, seeded eucalyptus, and yellow roses—their springlike exuberance-- that is sure to make an impression and bring a smile to a family member, friend, spouse, neighbor, boss, or coworker. [Read More]